Helloo Dolls
I have created this page because i was reading about so many products on many beauty blogs and was also following a couple of them on youtube.com so i thought why not create one blog on my own. (ps : now i have collected stuff that could be reviewed) :P
So here i am, after loads of confusion on how to choose a perfect template n after failing in doing so i created this blog *happy* and i am going to review makeup which i use (some might not be new.. but i have to catch up ;) *wink* ) . So i"ll also review various other products like bags, shoes n places to buy them in JAIPUR, INDIA (coz m a Jaipurite) so will tell you about whats going on here n there n all that (i promise i'll not bore you, in short :P )
So that's it for now buh byeee :D :D :D

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